I have always appreciated all kinds of original art, but only on a few memorable occasions have I found “love-it-so-much-I-gotta-have-it” art.   That’s what I strive to create.

I am a self-taught painter. A big blank wall in my home needed some big art, and I wasn’t able to find that one painting that would give me that glorious feeling, so I decided to paint it myself.  That painting was “Hakone”.  I loved it and have been creating ever since.

I use palette knives to create sharp lines, pops of bright color, and dimension. My paintings are textured with a minimalist and modern bent. I like to paint with oils because the paint has heft and shine.  My approach to painting is “no rules”.  I put on my fearless hat and go for it.


Throughout engineering school, I contemplated making the switch to art school.  I don’t regret my decision to press in my engineering career, or to let my creativity lie quiet for a bit.  My “day job” has afforded me the opportunity to live all over the country, to travel the world, to take on new challenges, and to collect art along the way.  A few years ago, somewhat on a whim, and somewhat out of frustration of knowing exactly what I wanted on my wall and not being able to find it, I bought my first oil paints.  I have since learned that the blank canvas is simultaneously intimidating and freeing – much like living in or traveling to a new place.  Life, nor painting, works out perfectly every time, but when it has for me, it is because I am looking for the heart of why I’m making the choices I’m making.  That’s when creating feels like magic.

My small town Louisiana roots are often evident in my work, especially lately.  Though I have equal love for my home, center city Philadelphia.

I have a wonderful partnership with The Stephen Smith Gallery in Topeka, Kansas.

I am inspired to fill blank walls of the world with life and color.  #ilovetopaint #lightandbright @colieryanart