I have always appreciated all kinds of original art, but only on a few memorable occasions have I found “love-it-so-much-I-gotta-have-it” art.  Creating that same feeling in people who see my work is the reason I paint.

I am a self-taught painter. A big blank wall in my home needed some big art, and I wasn’t able to find that one painting that would give me that glorious feeling, so I decided to paint it myself.  That was three years ago. I loved what I created and have been creating ever since.

I paint light and bright natural scenes using palette knives to create sharp lines, pops of bright color, and dimension. My paintings are fresh and dynamically textured with a minimalist and modern bent. I like to paint with oils because the paint has heft and shine.

My approach to painting is “no rules”. I work with quick strokes, wet on wet, often putting paint directly from the tube onto blank canvases and panels. I put on my fearless hat and go for it.


Colie Ryan lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and two boys.  She’s inspired to fill blank walls of the world with life and color.